June 9, 2022

How To Identify If A Thermador Refrigerator Leaks Freon
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A refrigerator is considered an important kitchen appliance. Its main purpose is to ensure that your groceries and other food items are properly stored and retain their quality for a certain period. Through the years, the Thermador manufacturer has developed and produced top-of-the-line refrigerators. Quality, durability and state-of-the-art features that will ensure proper cooling and storage.

But, like any other appliance, a Thermador refrigerator can still be susceptible to some issues that might affect the appliance’s overall function. Some of the problems are due to poor maintenance, or some of its components were already defective, which requires a refrigerator repair service.

Thermador Appliance Repair Experts in Pomona is a team of trained and licensed repair technicians. For many years, they have been servicing the area for Thermador appliance repair needs. With skills, knowledge and the right tools for the repair, we guarantee to deliver quality service and long-lasting solutions to any concerns that the appliance might have. Diagnosis of the problem will help determine the main cause and apply the right solution to it, such as when your Thermador refrigerator leaks freon.

However, what does a freon do with the refrigerator? And how to determine if there’s any leak?

Freon is a common component in the refrigerator. This component is used to transfer the heat to keep the internal compartment of the refrigerator at its proper temperature. Although it is designed for a closed system, it is still possible that a leak can happen, which can then compromise the quality of the food that you have stored in the refrigerator. Usually, the freon leaks on your Thermador refrigerator due to a puncture. This could be possible if the unit were recently defrosted or scraped the ice off the freezer, which might have caused the puncture and leaks.

Since freon is colorless and tasteless, some indications would tell you that the leak is happening. Here are some common signs that you can look into:

Smell – The freon leaves a musty smell if there’s a leak. If you are in doubt and worried about your and your family’s health, consider calling for a professional repair service for the Thermador appliance.

Residue – If you suddenly suffer health concerns and maybe live in a cramped space with a possible Freon leak in the fridge, you may experience nausea, migraine, and fainting.

Poor Cooling – If the refrigerator is leaking Freon, it won’t be cooling effectively, leading to the food getting warm and eventually spoiling. If you noticed that your fridge no longer gets or stays in the cold, a potential cause is Freon Leak.

Constantly Running Fridge Motor – When the Freon leaks, the fridge motor will be forced to run for a long period to make up for the incorrect amount of refrigerant. The motor will be forced to work harder, which will eventually strain the motor and cause burnout altogether.

High Electricity Bill – Since the refrigerator motor constantly runs at an intense level, you will also notice that you are also using more electricity which will cause a much higher electricity bill. If you notice a spile of energy consumption, it is always a good idea to check the condition of your appliance.


If you suspect that your refrigerator has a Freon leak, contact Thermador Appliance Repair Experts immediately.