May 9, 2022

4 Types of Ranges and Their Difference
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As a homeowner, you would also consider buying a cooking appliance that will have the features, design, and style that you prefer to have that will help you in cooking and complement the overall design of your kitchen area. Nowadays, you can find different best ranges and stoves from different known and trusted appliance brands that guarantee to provide customers with the best appliance products that have been tested before they will be available to customers.

However, even a high-end appliance can still be prone to some issues that can affect the appliance’s performance. Fortunately, a certified Thermador Appliance Repair Expert in Glendale will be able to assist you with any Thermador Range Repair needs. Guarantees that any issues your appliance might have are properly and correctly handled to ensure durable solutions are applied.

To help you decide which type of range to choose from, you can choose from four different ranges. These are Electric, Gas, Induction, and Freestanding ranges. Each of these ranges has its unique features and differences. This will help you decide which type of range you should buy to suit your needs and preferences.

Electric Range – The electric range is a range that is powered by electricity. This range is easy to use, adjustable, dependable and long-lasting kitchen appliance that you can use for a long time. They also provide an easier way to prepare food and allow you to cook with less supervision compared to the gas range, which needs your constant attention to check the flame intensity.

Gas Range – Range type that is powered by gas and usually a coil range that heats the pots, pans, or the inner oven. A kitchen range typically has at least 4 burners, two small ones called “burners” and two big ones, known as “griddles.”

Induction Range – This type of range is an electric range that transfers the heat directly and often heats the pots and pans much faster than the electric range. It also uses electromagnetic fields to heat the pots and pans. The induction range is typically more expensive than the electric or the gas range. Unlike the traditional ovens that burn the hot air to cook food evenly throughout the kitchen, induction cooking doesn’t have requirements. This means that the induction ranges don’t heat the entire kitchen.

Freestanding Range – This range is a slide-in or drop-in oven range. A freestanding range can be powered using electric, gas, or induction heating. This range is also perfect for those who want to have their cooktop flush against the wall. Its flat surface provides an elegant look while also easy to use with its burner controls, rear control panel, or back console standing 5 inches from the cooktop. The freestanding range is typically installed against the wall, sometimes between two countertops or one on either side.


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